Friday, October 7, 2011

The Weirdest Workout Ever !!!!

Today some of my friends and I decided we wanted to go to a Haunted House, but we didn't want to go just the three of us so we called some other people and got a pretty BIG group of about 16 people!!! Now here's the thing EVERYBODY was freaked out except me ( big disappointment I wanted to be scared.... but it was still fun).We did the natural thing of holding hands and creating a train as we ran as fast as we could which was pretty darn fast if you ask me! Afterwards we went to this GIANT hill and raced to the top and back down and we did that a couple of times (my legs were feeling the burn). Then we had a bbq and hung out for a while.

That was just a random day but it was tons of fun thats one of the best things about October!!!

So my workout was
Running/ducking/weaving: 45 minutes
Hill Racing : 20 minutes
Speed walking : 25 minutes
Dancing ( hey it counts): 60 Minutes

Now my legs are super sore ..... So.Worth.It


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