Friday, October 7, 2011

Running ...

It is kind of like a love-hate relationship; some days are great and you experience that "runners high" other days you feel like your legs and/or lungs are going to fall off.We have all been there and its okay to admit that you don't love running 24/7 ... it really is okay to admit that some running days just really suck.

People who are just starting to really care about running (me!!!) know that when you first start it is probably going to suck, but it gets better! It takes a full 6 weeks  for your body to fully get used to something . So don't be upset if your not as fast as you thought you would be or can run forever!

Believe me when I say IT IS OKAY !!! Just start slow you don't want to get an injury..... that would really suck.

Now lets talk about food ! Thats right I LOVE FOOD !!!!
So today for breakfast I had a Carnation Instant Breakfast and a GIANT spoonful of PEANUT BUTTER !!!! So sorry my breakfast wasn't anything exciting I was running late so I just grabbed it and ran out the door . For lunch I had Broccoli soup because it is snowing here :(. And for dinner I had Navaho Fry Bread ( best thing ever!!!!) with Cheesy Chili . For dessert it was a doughnut type thing ... it was sooo good !!!!

Today was a rest day or I would have shared my workout with you.

Sorry there aren't any pics my computers being stupid but I am trying to fix that

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